Piercings By Sammi Marchese

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Piercings By Sammi Marchese

A brief history:
I was introduced to the modification industry very early on when
my dad - Bigman - took me on as his own when i was just over a year old.
My dad was taught how to pierce in the early 90's by Ron Garza. Since then he has been a very well known body piercer and tattoo artist both locally and out of state.
I started learning the art of tattooing and piercing when i was only 13. I chose to focus more on piercing and other forms of modification whereas my younger brother took on tattooing at the age of 10.
Since then i was introduced to the art of body suspension. When the opportunity was given to me i immediately said yes. I knew since the age of 13 that i wanted to be apart of the body suspension community. I had only seen many photos, and one live performance at a San Antonio tattoo convention. Since then i have been a member of Aztlan Arts Suspension Team and currently, Tribe Suspensions.
In 2012 i attended my first Suscon in Dallas, TX under the supervision of my team leader.
When i was 16 i was proposed with the opportunity to be the head body piercer at my dads tattoo shop.
In my apprenticeship i was taught the same techniques that were used in the early 90's and 2000's.
Once i became the only piercer at our tattoo shop i had to educate myself on all the techniques and aspects that have evolved throughout the past decade.
I read any literature i can find and constantly refer to BME, ask.bme., wiki.bme., The Piercing Bible, etc.
At the age of 17 i won my first piercing award with a horizontal lip piercing that was done free hand. This piercing is also the first i have done of its kind.
The winning piercing i performed was done on my first trainee.
For those that are concerned, the circumstances of this trainee agreement were not because i felt as if i was established enough in my career.
In the near future i hope to attend my first APP conference at the age of 19.
I owe a great deal of the progression in my career to my dad, my team leader Spartacus Durant, and the superior artists in the industry that have been so accepting. As well as the artists i work with for putting up with me and my bio hazard signs and warnings!
Everything i have done in my career, including body suspension, has been under strict adult supervision and has had the consent of my parent.
I keep the health and safety of myself and my clients in mind at all times. I will never perform a service i feel that i am not qualified to do.

Although many will gawk in response to this short bio, I ask that if you do so, and you are a fellow professional in the modification industry, keep the following in mind...
Yes, i am young. Yes, i had a very early start at this. No, i haven't been a full time body piercer for long.
But i believe it is important we must all remind ourselves of the true goal that we all share (or at least we should).
To provide safe, professional, quality, services to the public.
As professionals it is our job to always educate the public and our clients in a way that will eventually change the outlook that many still have on the industry today.
How can we expect the public to accept us as educated professionals, if we ourselves cannot accept each other.

If there are any questions or concerns regarding this bio, please feel free to contact me privately.

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Sammi Marchese

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